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Champion considers improving the environment around us a part of our core value of Responsibility.


We are committed to doing our part to create positive change within our industry and the world at large. From the daily choices we make to the longer-term goals we set, it all adds up. Being a partner to the communities that surround us – and the environment that sustains us – are top priorities.


Responsible Fish Sourcing

The health of our oceans and fish are paramount for a thriving planet. The fish we use provide an important source of nutrition in many of our recipes, and we believe we have a responsibility to continue to identify fish that can be sourced sustainably. Therefore, we have set a goal to move 100% of the fish used in our kitchens, including fresh, raw, meals and oils, to a source deemed as a sustainable choice by a credible party.

... As of July 2022, we were over 70% of the way to our goal and working to reach 100% by 2025. Read More

Improving Packaging

Offering a high-quality package that protects our foods has always been a top priority, and we believe we can achieve this is an environmentally friendly way. Earlier this year, we updated the majority of our kibble packaging to reduce the source material by up to 20%, based on size.

... While we are happy with this progress because it reduces waste to landfill, we have also set a goal to begin production of all our kibble and treat bags to fully recyclable material by the end of 2025. Our wet food cans are already recyclable.

In addition to our product packaging, we began using laser printed labels instead of pre-printed case labels, a change estimated to prevent 10,000 pounds of waste annually.
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Waste to Landfill

We are mindful of the waste we generate in our daily operations and have taken positive steps to reduce our waste to landfill. Each of our kitchens has set a goal to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2025, meaning more than 90% of our waste will be reduced, reused or recycled instead of ending up in a landfill.

... Our DogStar Kitchen plans to achieve its zero waste goal within the next year, and our Acheson Kitchen is working to divert a significant amount of organic waste from landfill to an anaerobic digester, allowing it to be used by a third-party to create a renewable energy source. Read More

Every Action Counts

In addition to these core focus areas, we believe making progress to improve our environmental impact is an important priority across all functions and locations at Champion. We provide ongoing educational opportunities to help individuals and teams identify positive, sustainable actions they can take, plus we keep employees informed of our progress through company-wide communication.