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Earning the trust of Pet Lovers everywhere requires being transparent. For information about where we source our ingredients, how our food is made, or food safety in our kitchens, please scroll below. Interested in learning more about ORIJEN and ACANA brands? Visit or . Still have questions or just want to chat about Champion Petfoods? Please contact our Customer Care Team and we’ll be happy to help!

Champion Petfoods

We are an award-winning pet food maker that has been crafting cat and dog foods for over 40 years. Today we serve over 90 countries around the globe. ORIJEN and ACANA pet foods are made exclusively by Champion. Learn more about ORIJEN or ACANA

We have long been recognized for making some of the most nutritious food you can feed your pet, with a focus on using high-quality ingredients from trusted suppliers, and maintaining exceptional food safety and quality standards. We make all our foods in our own Kitchens, the most advanced pet food facilities in the world. ORIJEN and ACANA are carefully crafted with high meat inclusions according to our nutritional philosophy of making foods that best meet the needs of your beloved cat or dog.

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Our Nutritional Philosophy

When pet foods began to be mass produced, the focus was on convenience. Kibble made it easy for people to bring pet food home and store it in a pantry or shed. The ingredients used were grain-based, cheap and plentiful. The result? Food that even today is far away from what nature intended.

Our Biologically Appropriate nutritional philosophy is different. Long before words like “ancestral diet”, we asked simple questions about today’s dogs and cats. Where did they come from? What foods do they thrive on? Are pets today different than their ancestors? After extensive research, we believe today’s dogs and cats are very closely connected to their ancestors.

By matching the natural diets and physiology of dogs and cats and creating higher protein, lower carbohydrate foods, we promote peak health and conditioning and best meet the natural nutritional needs of pets.

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Fresh Regional Ingredients

Our rich and nourishing ingredients mirror your pet’s natural diet and include free-run poultry, ranch-raised meat, freshwater and saltwater fish, cage-free eggs, and farm-grown produce and botanicals. Our ingredients are raised and supplied by people we know and trust.

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Making Our Foods

We exclusively own and operate the world’s most advanced pet food Kitchens, where we only make our award-winning ORIJEN and ACANA foods.

Conventional pet food facilities produce vast quantities of food in short periods of time using dried ingredients mixed with water. Our Kitchens allow us to use more fresh, animal ingredients.

In 2016, we opened our custom-built DogStar Kitchen in Auburn, Kentucky, USA, and in 2017, DogStar was awarded the first-ever Global Markets Award from the Global Food Safety Initiative. This international recognition represents one of the highest food safety achievements in both the human and animal food industries.

In December 2019, we opened our new NorthStar Kitchen in Acheson, Alberta. Only two weeks later this Kitchen achieved European Union certified status from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency because of our commitment to make incredible food with the highest quality ingredients and most robust food safety systems.

Our kitchens have industry-leading Food Safety Systems and dedicated Quality Assurance teams that follow testing protocols from the time ingredients enter our kitchen through production and packaging. The team samples raw, in-process, and finished products according to stringent protocols.

As Pet Lovers feeding ORIJEN and ACANA foods to our own dogs and cats, we accept no less.

Our talented team of animal food scientists and nutritionists lead the development and research of our pet foods. They possess a wide variety of education and experience including Doctorates of Veterinary Medicine, PhDs in Animal Nutrition, PhDs in Food Science, Masters of Science degrees in Animal Nutrition, Food Science, Meat Hygiene and Food Microbiology. They also hold Bachelors degrees in Animal Science, Biochemistry, and Veterinary Medicine. We also collaborate with numerous Doctors of Veterinary Medicine as consultants and are proud of the ongoing research we conduct.

In 2018 the FDA first reported a potential association between canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and diet. The FDA has not recommended that Pet Lovers change their pets’ foods, nor did the FDA request any recalls from pet food manufacturers. As the FDA continues its investigation, Champion is working with the them and the pet food industry to determine if food is connected to DCM.

Corporate Responsibility

We are passionate about helping dogs and cats in need and are dedicated to their health and happiness. We provide support and care to our local community through valued relationships with animal shelters, rescues, and other charitable organizations. To find out more about our programs and partners, please click here: Shelters and Rescues