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At Champion, we are committed to making a positive impact in local communities.


Our philanthropic efforts are geared toward supporting our Purpose, To Earn Pet Lover Trust Every Day so Pets Thrive for a Lifetime. We donate more than 3.5 million pet meals a year to dogs and cats in need at 40 local animal welfare organizations located near our Acheson, Alberta and Auburn, Kentucky kitchens, and to national shelter networks. Here is a spotlight on some of the organizations we have worked with.

Edmonton Human Society

Edmonton Humane Society

Champion Petfoods is sponsoring the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) in several ways. It starts with providing year-round dog and cat food donations for its foster programs and sponsoring all puppy training classes with a donation of high-protein biscuits to help promote positive and humane training methods while supporting a happy and healthy lifelong bond between pet guardians and their dogs.
Champion and its brands are also the exclusive “Top Dog” sponsor of the Run for Pets walk/run component of the society’s annual Pets in the Park Festival. Additionally, we are joining EHS in supporting its Humane Education School Outreach program by subsidizing the cost for schools and sponsoring the EHS Champion Kids program which recognizes youth who have hosted fundraisers for the non-profit.
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Acana Rescue Dog


If you have a request and believe it aligns with Champion Petfoods’ current focus for philanthropic giving, please email [email protected].

To be considered, the request must be for a certified non-profit organization and align with our company Values. In your email, please include the name of your organization and verification of its official status, the donation you are requesting and organization contact information. We will evaluate the request and respond if it meets our criteria and we are able to contribute.

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